Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festive Mantel of White

I generally love all things Christmas, especially decorations.  My particular taste in Christmas decorations tends to be white and silver.  I think it’s because I love snow…and shiny things.  Which is why my collection of mercury glass and mirrors is never complete.  So this year I went all out with the white theme.  As I mentioned in this post, I have been eagerly awaiting the time of year when I could decorate my mantle for Christmas!  I hadn’t really sat down and thought much about what I was going to do with the mantle, I just started doing it!  I started with some thrift store mirrors and candlesticks and the whole thing just took off from there.  I knew it had to be white and silver and it had to glow at night.  I gathered my supplies and an hour later I had this…

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how in love with this mantle I am!  It turned out so perfectly and I am so happy every time I look at it.  I could seriously stare at it all day and especially when it’s all lit up at night.  It ended up being a few DIY crafty-type projects that came together to make up one big DIY project.  I’ll break down a couple of the little projects in later posts, but they’re pretty basic. 

Once again, my mom came through with the natural element for this mantle. She handpicked the pine cones from her backyard and brought me a big ol’ bag of them.  They’re all so perfect and I wish I had about a million more of them to string up all over the house! 
I love the little “tree” I assembled from random branches.  The night I brought this huge branch home with me, Nick looked at me like I was crazy.  I told him to just wait and see how fabulous it was going to be!  It gives the mantle such great height and interest.  I’m really glad I didn’t paint the branches white, like I almost did. 
These two trees are another favorite little project I did.  I about gave up on the dang feathers I used, but it turned out alright.  And here it is all lit up at night…
I just love it and I hope you do too. Let me know what you think!  Anyone else do any fun mantle activities lately??  I’d love to hear all about it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of my Christmas décor.
Merry Christmas, ya’ll!  It really is the most wonderful time of the year. 
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  1. How beatuiful! Thank for sharing with my newbie party. Glad you found it. Please add my link or button to your post as well. This helps get word out, and lets people know you joined in the party.

  2. I love the pine cones, they look beautiful strung across your mantel.

  3. Oh I forgot to tell you, I just became a follower stop by my blog sometime and say hello. Teresa at

  4. Beautiful! I love every thing about it!

  5. Your mantel is beautiful; I love the white and silver!

    Your newest follower,


  6. I love the white with the pinecone accents. It's so beautiful--especially at night. I'm your newest follower.

  7. It's just lovely...I love the snow effect! and the feather tree...please do share how it was made!

  8. Hi Megan, stopping by from Debbie's Newbie Party. So nice to meet you. Love your beautiful mantel and your gorgeous 100 year old home. I also live in a very old home. It's not my first home, but my first "old" home. I love it. Older homes have so much character and charm and were built so much better then. I am your newest follower.


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