Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Vay-cay-shun} 2011

I can not even explain how badly my whole family needed the vacation we just returned from.  My fabulous parents had not had a real vacation in a little over 10 years.  That’s right, 10 YEARS.  I would have very likely gone crazy.  When I was in high school and college, thanks to my parents, I got to take all the fun trips on spring break and in the summer, so I’m so thankful that we could all go as a family to our favorite place. 
I really wish I could tell you where we went, but I like to keep it a secret.  I would maybe tell someone if they bribed me..*coughcough*iPad2*coughcough*.. but then again probably not.  You will probably be able to figure it out if you’re smart, know how to use Google and look carefully at all the beautiful pictures in this post.  And so, on with the show!
This is the view from our balcony looking to the right.  I love the sun coming through the clouds..
Looking to the left.  The water was so beautiful!
We ate LOTS of fresh shrimp and grouper..so delicious.. OH! And boiled peanuts!
Ate at the Red Bar..Once again, so totally delicious.  Plus, we keep them in business with the amount of apparel we buy from them.  But their t-shirts are so kick-ass, having one really might be a t-shirt-wardrobe staple.
We even got some stranger to take a family photo of us! Aren’t we cute?
My (not so) little brother even played us some tunes on the guitar
All in all it was the best trip to Florida I’ve ever had.  I don’t get to spend much time with my parents, so being with them for 10 whole days was AMAZING but, as always, not enough time.  I was really sad when they packed up the ol’ Tahoe and left Sunday morning. 
We reluctantly packed up the car on Saturday morning and made the drive home.  We arrived to find the house still standing, but with a few improvements!  Our dear friends, Amara and Jeremy, watched the dogs all week and while they were here they painted all the trim in our living room white!  That little painting project was next on my to-do list but I was being terribly lazy.  They also picked all the weeds in our flower beds!  It was amazing.  There’s nothing like coming home to a clean house that’s been improved upon while you were away.
We ate so much amazing, fresh seafood and spent some great days on the sugar white sand enjoying each other’s company.  We soaked up lots of sun, dove for sand dollars, went ocean kayaking(!!!), took tons of pictures, laughed a whole lot, drank beer, looked at the stars and thanked God that we were together in such a beautiful place.  My parents really made the whole trip happen and without them it wouldn’t have been half as fun! 
Nick and I would like to thank my parents and brother for an amazing week of vacation; we had a BLAST! We would also like to thank Amara and Jeremy for being the amazing friends that they are.  We’re lucky to have all of you!
Thanks to my little mommy, Nick and I both have upper respiratory infections(love you, momma!!!) so we’re taking our sick faces to bed.  We’ll be posting some house goodness tomorrow, but for now we say good night!!

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