Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekends and Wine Corks

Let me start by saying that we have been BUSY lately, which is why I’ve been lacking in the blog department.  We have been out of town every weekend for the last four weekends, which is fun but exhausting.  Every Sunday night I would say I was going to post something and then I would end up getting sleepy lazy and not do anything but lay on the couch like a lump.  But now I have a fun little project to show! Yayy!! 
About a year ago I was really wanting a whole bunch of wine corks to either do crafts with or use as vase filler, but I don’t really drink wine and none of our local liquor stores were giving up their stash of corks.  After being turned down by every liquor store in town, I was sad and pouty.  Obviously my sweet husband saw this and wanted to make me happy, so he worked his magic.  He has a way of getting people to do things for him that they wouldn’t normally do, which is a very handy talent.  He walked right up into one of the places that had turned me down the day before and walked out mere minutes later with a HUGE bag full of corks!  I almost passed out, I was so happy.  I never did much with them and they sat in their cute paper bag just being awesome, until the other day when I got a wild hair.  I was driving home from work, and on my oh-so-lengthy 3 minute commute the idea hit me!  I would make a letter out of corks!  Our last name initial!  Hooray!  So as soon as I parked my car I was gathering my materials. 
I swiped a Cheerios box from the recycle bin, grabbed my corks and hot glue gun and got down to business.  First, I drew my letter and cut it out…
Then I just started gluing on my corks.  I tried to pick ones that were pretty unique..
I let them hang over the edge of the letter and little bit and staggered them so they weren’t all just in a row.  I also cut some in half and laid them up on their ends to kind of break up the design a little bit. 
I did a little slicing and dicing and got all the spaces filled up..
And took a break to eat some delicious pasta that my sweet hubby made, since I was too busy crafting my little heart out!  Yuummmm…

When I finally got all the pieces glued on I took a picture of it and showed off my creation on Facebook! I still haven’t done much with it, it’s just sitting in my window but I kind of like it there.  I will say, since I used the cereal box it’s not the most sturdy little letter but I don’t need it to do much more than just sit and look puuurtty, which it does quite well! 
And now, some pretty pictures I took last weekend…with a post to follow…
Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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