Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Month of Sundays

Sundays are for being lazy around our house. We usually cook some breakfast and the only chore that gets done is laundry.  I’m also usually running around with my camera snapping pictures either for the blog or just for fun.  So I’m not sure why, but one Sunday I stepped out on the back stoop just off the laundry room and snapped a quick picture of the trees over to the right.  In the summer I took a few of these photos because I thought it was interesting that when standing on the stoop I could see into about 3 other people’s backyards!  No, I’m not a creeper, I just think it’s crazy how close together our houses are. 
Once the leaves started to change I took a picture every Sunday, just to see how things were changing and it’s pretty neat to see the colors change over time.
The leaves are still very green but just the tips of the branches are starting to turn yellow and orange.
A week later and not much change except maybe a touch more orange.
Seriously just one week later!  So much more orange everywhere!  Gloomy, but still beautiful.
Another week and even more bold and beautiful!  It all changed so quickly.

So neat! Now most of the leaves have fallen off the trees because of some rainy and windy days, but it’s still beautiful in my neighborhood.  There are three gingko trees right around my house and they are always the last trees to turn, but in my opinion, are worth the wait!  If you’ve never seen a gingko tree in late fall you need to, because they are so gorgeous.  I’ll be taking some pictures of those this week, since the tips of their branches are becoming yellow.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Thanks for stoppin’ by!


  1. Wow, those trees really did change quickly! Loving your blog - don`t you do Youtube anymore? x

  2. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I stopped by your blog the other day and it's super cute! No, not doing much on YouTube these days, just lost interest I guess. I've been thinking about getting back into it, though. We'll see!


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