Sunday, February 26, 2012

Laundry List


So if you learn one thing from this little blog-o-mine you will learn that I tend to start a project and then get distracted, leaving the project to flounder and collect dust for months weeks until I just get sick of staring at it.  With that being said, I recently started a sort of large-ish project in my laundry room! Yayy!!  But then life happened and now my sort of large-ish project is lingering.  Boooooo.

Our laundry room is actually pretty large for the size of our house, but it was an addition many many years ago and was never quite finished.  There are 2 closets and some cabinets against one wall that provide much needed storage, but the color of the wood has been driving me batty.  I plan to finish out the room eventually, but for now I just wanted the cabinets freshened up a bit!  I got myself some Kilz, a brush and a foam roller and got busy.  This is what we started with:


I have everything primed and ready for paint, but it’s still just sitting there!  Poor neglected laundry room.  I’m hoping to get the first coat of paint on it this week, so I’ll you posted on the progress.  The color I’m using is Breakwater White from Behr.  The list for the rest of the room is pretty long, but it really shouldn’t take too long.  Here’s a little rundown: finish painting cabinets, install trim where it’s missing, paint all trim white, paint walls, bring in accessories and curtains for my cute little window and reorganize the cabinets. 

I love small, utilitarian type rooms like this.  Don’t get me wrong, I love furniture, but sometimes it’s nice to only have to deal with paint and a few accessories, ya know?  Until next time, wish me luck with the painting! 

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