Monday, January 16, 2012

Apple Pie: A Weekend Project


Hey everybody, Nick here.  So this weekend my lady and I took on a little cooking project of sorts.  Here in the south we like our apple pie, and I’m not talking about the kind you bake.  I recently procured some Tennessee white whiskey, made from corn and smooth as water.  The perfect thing to do with this stuff is make apple pie liquor.  So the wife and I headed to WalMart to gather our supplies.  We got ourselves some apple juice, specifically Simply Apple, some cinnamon sticks, sour apples, and some Mason jars of the quart variety. 

Now, in a big stew pot I mixed up my apple pie.  I would share this with you but sadly, it’s my secret, get your own!  Haha!  Really though, you can look it up online; or as the wife would say, “Google it!”  So while my magic elixir was simmering away on the stove I took all the tops off my jars, cut up my apples and put the cinnamon sticks in the jars.



Make sure you get the seeds out.  Nobody wants seeds in their pie shots.

After it simmered for about 15 minutes it was ready to be cooled down.  Since the liquid has to be cool before it can be poured into the jars, I went ahead and prepared an ice bath for my pot.  I’m impatient and didn’t feel like letting it cool on it’s own.


Here’s an artsy little pic the wife took of my handy work.



So next I just used a ladle and a funnel to fill my jars and then set them all in a cool place to chill out for a week or so.  Now I won’t lie, I’ve already taken a few swigs from one of the jars and it is BEYOND delicious.  It’s also dangerous stuff, since you can’t taste the alcohol.  This stuff will be perfect for get togethers in the cold winter months and on into the summer for barbecues and such.  If you can’t get your hands on any white lightening, pure grain alcohol works just fine.  Hope you enjoyed my first post here on our little blog!  I leave you with some more pictures my lady took of the process.  Thanks for stoppin’ by!





  1. Never tried anything like this - sounds delish though:-)


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