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Holy rat shit, Batman!  It’s been such a long time since I have blogged!  I’m a bad blogger.  You know how it goes, life gets weird and complicated and the next thing you know you haven’t blogged in months.  Pretty much everything has changed, but I’ll get to that later.  For now, I thought I would do a little round-up of sorts.  If you don’t already know, I love Pinterest.  I pin all day, erry-day.  Check me out.  One of the things I love/hate about Pinterest is the part with all the recipes and pictures of delicious food- aka “food porn”.  I find recipes and then I make them, so today I will tell you about the recipes I have tried- whether I loved it or not! A few have already been photographed to death and put up on this little blog of mine and most haven’t.  So here we go, from the most recent to the least. Also, I’ve included the link for the stuff that’s the most popular here on Magnolia.

- Pioneer Woman Sour Cream Noodle Bake: So I pinned this just the other day but I’ve been making it for a very long time.  It is freakin’ delicious.  The green onions take it to a whole other level.  It’s simple to make and is so god for leftovers. Plus, Pioneer Woman can cook like nobody’s bid-ness. The hubs usually asks for it at least once a week in the winter time.  If you’re thinking of making it, DO IT…NOW!



-Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs: Made these little babies just last night.  The recipe is simple and the result is delicious.  These have a lot of flavor and are very garlicky and onion-y – SO FLAVORFUL!  Even better the next day for lunch!  The best part for me? They are low carb – love it!

-Million Dollar Spaghetti: So this one, I’m not a huge fan of but the hubs is pretty much obsessed.  It’s super easy, very creamy and once again, makes for great leftovers.  If you’re a fan of pasta, I suggest it.

-Taco Pasta Bake: OH MY GOOD GOSH this is like crack to me!!!!  I’m in love with this recipe for a few reasons: It’s easy, fast and cheap.  The best way to eat it is with Rotel dip drizzled over the top…holy mother… The hubs is also equally as obsessed.

-Cucumber Salad: super simple and fresh tasting. My mom used to make this every now and then in the summer time so it brings back good memories for me. Greek yogurt, dill and a little lemon juice.. Martha knows what’s up.

-Pan-Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans: This is flat out ridiculously delectable.  The original recipe from Real Simple calls for bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts but seeing as how bones in chicken freak me out and I am trying to be a little bit healthy over here, I used boneless, skinless.  Also, I used canned green beans and sprinkled on a little lemon-pepper seasoning.  All in the name of convenience, really.  This was a little more time consuming, but I think the more times I make it the faster it will go.

Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans


-Baked Chicken Fajitas: pretty good, but not a favorite.  Easy week-night meal.

-Pizza Biscuits: These were alright but very time consuming. 

-Date Night Pasta: VERY spicy.  A good, basic pasta dish.  Plus, I love bowtie pasta.

-Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia: Oh-so-good!  The marinade is easy to put together and cooking the fish takes no time at all.  The end result is a dynamic sauce and marinade with lots of flavor.  Goes great with a little long grain rice and garlicky sugar snap peas. Relatively healthy.

-Baked Mexican Bean Dip: easy and good for lazy, cold Sundays

-Cake Batter Cookies: Pretty good but not as rich as normal chocolate chip cookies.

-Cheeseburger Pasta: kind of bland.  I had to add a lot of stuff to make this taste worthy of eating.

-Feta Dip: Once again, seriously like CRACK COCAINE!  I could eat this by itself for dinner…in fact I may have done that once or 10 times…

-Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta: Holy mutha-effin’ goodness… I could eat this all the time.  With extra Cajun seasoning, fa sho.  Only downside? CARBS.


-Mini Corndog Muffins: Delish!  Once again, good little snick-snack for a lazy, cold Sunday.

-Sticky Buns Breakfast Ring: I believe I’ve already expressed my feelings about this deliciousness here.

-Crockpot Beef Stroganoff: So the hubs claims to “hate” beef stroganoff, but the first time I made this I didn’t tell him it was beef stroganoff and he exclaimed that it was the best thing he’d ever eaten.  WINNING.

-Two Minute Mug Brownie & Ready to Eat Cookie Dough: deliciously fattening.

-Angel Chicken: not a fave, but read my thoughts on the matter

-Chicken Enchilada Pasta: YUUUUMMMMMM.  Just reading the recipe makes my mouth water.  MAKE THIS NOW!


-Chicken Rollups: Confusing recipe but it’s a favorite of mine.  I love these for heating up at lunch time.  The hubs can’t stand the texture, but I suspect that’s because he’s weird.

-A-Freaking-Mazing Artichoke Dip: This is so good.  If you need something to take to a potluck, take this and a bag of tortilla chips, stand back, and wait for everyone to worship you for being the queen of artichoke dip. Seriously.

So there you have it, folks.  A few of the best things on my food board.  I’m always on the hunt for more, but all in moderation.  I’m trying to lose some L-Bs, and if I get to my goal weight I get the one thing, besides a Chihuahua, that I’ve wanted since I was 13.  Stay tuned. 

So, any recipes you think I might enjoy?  Any recipes you think I could make for the hubs that don’t involve pasta?  Holla.

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