Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We didn’t do much this weekend.  And it. was. AWESOME.  I felt like the weekend went on and on, which was even better.  Saturday morning I got up a little early and went to the store to get the ingredients to make this deliciousness, but a little modified since I don’t have a bundt pan.  It was so stinkin’ good!  And easy.  I think these could be awesome for Christmas morning, or a nice treat for Thanksgiving day when everyone’s running around forgetting to eat breakfast.  They literally take 25 minutes from start to baked and delicious. 
I wish you could smell this picture….heavenly…
The trick is to baste the biscuits half way through the cooking time with all the “juice” down in the bottom of the pan.  Oh man, now my mouth is watering..
Sunday I face-timed with my parents a few times, which was so nice.  You don’t realize how much you miss someone until you can see them, but you’re not there with them.  Thank goodness for the iPhone!  I love being able to walk around the house and show my parents all my new and wacky ideas about what’s next for the house. 
I ended up making the sticky buns again, since Nick and I loved them so much.  They are ADDICTIVE, so if you make them be very careful!  I also made us some poached eggs, since I figured carbs-a-palooza wasn’t a good idea two mornings in a row.  I recently discovered how to make poached eggs and now they are my favorite way to eat eggs.  Julia Child would be so proud!  Eggs really are strangely beautiful when poached.  I wasn’t sure Nick would even like them but after we ate he said he could eat poached eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I really think I could too!  When done just right they really are so wonderful.  If you haven’t seen the movie Julie & Julia, you should.  Se makes poached eggs in the movie and the first time she bites into one(which is also he first egg EVER. I mean EVER.) she says, “Cheese sauce…” which is just what they taste like when cooked perfectly.

Now I’m off to bed.  I’m so worn out right now because Nick and I spent a few hours tonight worried sick about our boy Jacobe. He escaped from the backyard and wouldn’t come home.  I’m so relieved that he came back and I’m so grateful to all of our wonderful, sweet neighbors who called for him and tried to lure him into their houses for us for hours tonight.  They were just as worried about him as we were.  Nick and I were sitting in the family room with the windows open and could hear our neighbors calling Jacobe and sweetly trying to bribe him with treats. They’re all so sweet and knew we were worried about our boy.  Just when we thought he was gone for the night we decided to give it one last try.  Nick took Peanut out on her leash to go looking for Jacobe and as soon as they were out of my line of sight I heard Jacobe’s yelp, which I knew meant that Nick had scooped him up so I ran out of the house.  When I came outside Nick had Jacobe in his arms and there was the sweetest woman walking behind him with Peanut on her leash!  The woman had slices of cheese in one hand and our crazy dog’s leash in the other.  She said she was just worried that a car would hit Jacobe and she knew how awful that is, since one of her dogs was hit by a car a year ago.  She had seen Jacobe when she was on her way home from work and stopped to ask us if we needed help, but we assured her it would be fine.  Fourty five minutes later she was back out with slices of cheese, trying to get Jacobe to come back to our house.  I have no idea who this woman is, but I need to find her and thank her for her kindness!  We have the best neighbors.  So thank you to everyone in the neighborhood who came the tell us they’d seen Jacobe on the street, thank you for standing on your porches calling for him, and thank you for helping us when we needed it!  We’re glad he’s back home.

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