Monday, October 10, 2011

The little things

It really is the little things that make me happy, so it’s only typical that the smallest project I’ve tackled lately has been making me the happiest!  I recently started noticing how flat out UGLY the light switch plate in our family room is and it really started to bug me.  Once something gets in my head I fixate on it and MUST.FIX.IT.  So, while cleaning the house a few days ago I just kept staring at the switch plate every time I walked past it…and it was seriously eating at me.  It’s like it was staring right back at me, taunting me with it’s hideousness!  Did I mention I fixate?? Here it is..  Nice, right?  Yea, I know you’re jealous.
I decided to just do something about it, so I yanked that sucker off the wall and slapped some white paint on it.  Now, you might be wondering why I didn’t just replace it.  Well you see, it has lots of character and even though it was unsightly I just couldn’t part with it!  A plain switch plate would have been boring!  So down it came, with the help of my trusty screwdriver.
I plopped it down on a piece of scrap cardboard…
Shook up the can of white paint I keep on hand for these types of emergencies…
And BAM! It’s white.
I’m also terribly impatient, so I let it cure up for about…ohhhh, I dunno.. 5 minutes?? and then veeeeery carefully hung it back up on the wall.  Here she is in all her white, satiny beauty!
Love it!  Now it does not taunt me, it just blends and looks like it actually belongs in this century.  Yayy!
Tomorrow I will be sharing my fall mantle, it’s so cute! Can’t wait!
Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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